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  • Samantha Soderberg


Welcome to the blog section of my website! Here I’ll be posting updates on my art and explaining my pieces in depth. I’ll explain myself first! My name is Samantha, I was born in the valley and relocated to the Inland Empire in 2012. As a child I always knew I was different and never got along with my peers, and when I moved I told myself I would start fresh and not try to fit into the box people had tried to put me in. And that’s exactly what I did! I have always been creative and it’s sometimes hard for people to grasp or understand another persons creative mind and that’s okay! I’ve always seen things in a creative way and always had a love for creation and individuality. I feel I’ve always been the odd one out in most situations and thats one of the many things that makes me who I am and inspires me to create. Welcome to my mind, see my thoughts through my art.